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What are Fastbraces?: Everything You Need to Know About Fastbraces

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By Dr. Rohini Singh In Orthodontics January 1, 2019


Do you worry about making a good impression?

It’s scientifically proven that your smile is one of your most powerful features. In fact, almost one in three Americans say it’s the first thing they notice about others.

If you have crooked teeth, you may have given some thought into correcting your smile with traditional braces. However, thanks to evolving technology, you have other options that are worth considering.

In this article, you’ll learn about braces, clear aligners, and Fastbraces. This information can help you choose the dental procedure that fits your individual needs best. Let’s get right into it!

How Long Do Braces Last?
The biggest concern most people have about getting braces is how long the braces process lasts. Not only do braces make eating more challenging, but they can also make you feel less confident when you smile.

Traditional braces are a two to three year investment, depending on the severity of your misalignment.

If you’re an adult who’s interested in corrective dentistry, three years may be too long to feel comfortable wearing traditional braces.

Fastbraces vs Braces Procedures
Fastbraces may not be the most creative name, but it works just like it sounds. Fastbraces function similarly to traditional methods, but there are a couple differences that qualify them as speed braces.

With Fastbraces, you can get a perfect smile in as little as a few months. How is this possible?

Traditional braces use square metal brackets to move the teeth. Their shape targets the visible part of your teeth first. After the crowns shift, then the roots move, which makes the procedure permanent.

Fastbraces use triangular metal brackets that shift the tooth and root at the same time. Not only is this more efficient, but the fit feels more natural in your mouth.

Fastbraces and regular braces look almost identical, which means you will have metal and wire in your mouth. The benefits of choosing Fastbraces include much quicker results, less painful visits to the orthodontist, and less money spent on maintenance.

Clear Aligners vs Fastbraces Review
If you’re unfamiliar with clear aligners, this technology that’s similar to Invisalign can also get you a straight smile. Although it won’t work as fast as Fastbraces, there are other appealing qualities.

Clear aligners are clear trays you put over your teeth to correct misalignments. When in place, it’s almost invisible. This option is best for people who feel self-conscious about having metal in their mouth.

Another benefit is that you can remove the trays whenever you eat. This is more sanitary and freeing, since braces can trap food particles and make eating certain foods painful.

However, it is worth noting that clear aligners work best for people who only have minor misalignments. In order to make the best decision for your lifestyle and goals, speaking more in-depth with your dentist is the best way to get stunning results.

Ready to Get the Smile of Your Dreams?
If you’re someone who wants a perfect smile in the shortest amount of time, Fastbraces could be your perfect solution.

If you live in or near Killeen, Texas, then Clear Creek Family & Cosmetic Dentistry would love to help you achieve a radiant smile. Contact us to schedule your appointment or learn more about how Fastbraces can help you.