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Our skilled dentist will periodically reline your denture to extend the life of the appliance and ensure your comfort while wearing it. By relining your denture, you can be certain that it will fit securely and provide you with the confidence to speak, chew and smile normally. To learn more about denture relines in Killeen, Texas, and make an appointment with Dr. Rohini Singh, call Clear Creek Family and Cosmetic Dentistry today at 254-200-1893.

New dentures fit very securely, as they have been specifically designed for your gums and mouth. However, your gums and mouth change over time, and the fit of your denture will become looser and possibly uncomfortable. Having your denture professionally relined resolves these issues and keep your denture fitting securely and comfortably to maximize your oral function.

There are several types of denture relines.

Hard Relines

Dentures should receive a hard reline every two years. A hard reline involves removing a layer of plastic from the interior surface of the denture and filling with a putty-like material which will create an impression. This is then sent to the lab and the denture is adjusted to the new shape of your gum tissue.

Soft Relines

Soft relines are recommended when a patient is unable to wear ordinary dentures due to tenderness or sore spots on the gums. Soft relines are a made of a material that stays pliable for one to two years, and which is less likely to give the patient sore spots. If you have dentures with a soft lining, you may want to consider implant-supported dentures to achieve a more permanent solution.

Temporary Relines

Our dentist may recommend a temporary reline if your dentures have not received maintenance in some time. Dentures that are not regularly serviced may cause the gums to become red, swollen, or misshapen, which creates difficulty in taking impressions for a new reline. Temporary relines are used to allow the inflammation to subside so that the gums can return to a normal state prior to the dentures receiving a hard or soft reline.

If you have any questions about denture relines, please give our office a call.