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Clear Creek Family and Cosmetic Dentistry provides dentures for patients that have lost several teeth. Depending on the patient, our dentist may recommend traditional or implant-supported dentures, like All-on-4®. If you have questions about choosing your restoration, phone 254-200-1893. Patients can meet with Dr. Rohini Singh and discuss options for dentures in Killeen, Texas.

A denture, or a complete denture, is a custom-made oral appliance. Dentures are designed to replace natural teeth and provide support for your cheeks and lips to give you a healthier appearance as well as a functional and confident smile.

Most dentures are made from acrylic. They can be fabricated in several different ways, including:

  • Conventional Dentures — conventional dentures are designed and created after all the teeth have been extracted and the gum tissues have healed.
  • Immediate Dentures — immediate dentures are created and inserted immediately following tooth extraction, and the tissues heal under the denture.
  • Complete Dentures — these dentures replace an entire arch of teeth.
  • Partial dentures — these dentures replace some teeth when you still have natural teeth remaining. They are usually held in place with thin frames or clasps to ensure stability.

Dentures may be used for both the upper and lower dental arches. Upper dentures have acrylic, usually flesh-colored, that covers the palate (roof of the mouth). Lower dentures are horseshoe-shaped to leave room for the tongue and ensure normal oral function. The teeth of the denture are usually made of plastic, porcelain or a combination of those materials. Dentures are custom-designed to fit your mouth, including fitting over teeth that have received endodontic treatments. Complete dentures can also be attached to dental implants to ensure a more stable and secure fit for the appliance.

Your dentures will become worn out over time and will periodically need to receive maintenance, such as rebasing and relining or repairs to keep them in good working order and keep your jaw alignment normal. Your jaw alignment will also change over time as the bone and gum ridges recede due to the loss of your natural teeth.

We strongly encourage you to continue to keep your regular dental appointments. Regular dental exams are extremely important as they allow our dentist to check the oral tissues for signs of disease or change and to check the denture to ensure that it is functioning properly.