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Dental implants are made and utilized to provide a strong foundation for replacement teeth that appear and function like natural teeth. Patients who choose dental implants regain the ability to eat and smile with confidence, knowing that their smile appears natural and their facial contours will be preserved. Implants are tiny posts made from titanium that are placed in the jawbone. The jawbone fuses with the titanium, thus creating a sure foundation for the replacement teeth. Dental implants help preserve facial structure by preventing bone deterioration caused by missing teeth.

Dental implants can change lifestyles! People who choose dental implants regain the confidence to eat, speak, laugh and live life!

Examination for Dental Implants

Dr. Rohini Singh provides restoration treatments that fit our patients’ different needs. From single implants to All-on-4® dentures, Clear Creek Family and Cosmetic Dentistry offers a variety of implant restorations. If you choose dental implants, we will ask that you come in for a dental examination and health history exam. Our dentist will go over your specific needs and desires with you and determine which type of dental implant restoration is right for you. Your questions and concerns will be addressed so that you feel confident about your treatment.

Dental Implant Procedure

The dental implant post anchors the tooth as the natural tooth root would do. The implants are surgically placed in the jawbone. The jawbone is then given time to heal and fuse with the dental implant.

For most patients, placing dental implants requires two surgical procedures. First, the implants are surgically placed in the jawbone where the natural teeth are missing. For three to six months following surgery, the implants gradually bond with the jawbone. You can wear temporary dentures and eat soft foods during this time. Dr. Singh will then design the final bridge or denture.

After the implant has had time to bond to the jawbone, the second phase of treatment can begin. The implants will be uncovered, and small healing collars are attached. Your replacement teeth can then be created. Impressions are taken. Then abutments are connected to the implants. The replacement teeth are connected to these abutments. The entire dental implant process usually takes six to eight months.

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