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Our experienced dentist and team provide teeth cleaning, also known as dental prophylaxis, to help keep your teeth and gums healthy and clean. We will work with you to develop a schedule of regular visits for you to receive prophylaxis. To schedule your appointment with Dr. Rohini Singh and learn more about teeth cleaning in Killeen, Texas, call Clear Creek Family and Cosmetic Dentistry today at 254-200-1893.

Prophylaxis is a highly effective treatment in keeping your mouth healthy and in preventing and halting the progression of gum disease. Benefits of prophylaxis include:

  • Plaque removal – Tartar and plaque buildup above and below the gum line result in serious periodontal problems. Even with good oral hygiene routines at home, it can be difficult to removal all bacteria, debris, plaque and deposits from the mouth. Using specialized dental equipment, our dentist can remove potentially damaging buildup.
  • A healthier smile – Stained and yellowed teeth impact your appearance. Regular teeth cleanings reduce these stains and keep your teeth looking healthier and more beautiful.
  • Fresher breath – Bad breath (halitosis) is an indication of several dental problems including periodontal disease. There are several causes of bad breath, and our dentist will work with you to determine what is causing your bad breath and how to treat it. Regular dental cleanings to remove plaque, calculus and bacteria improve bad breath and help to prevent it from returning.

Prophylaxis should be performed twice annually as a preventive treatment, but it may be recommended more frequently if you have been diagnosed with gum disease.

For more information and to schedule your appointment with our dentist, contact our office today.