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After you complete your orthodontic care and have your braces removed, you will likely want to keep your smile in that perfect alignment for life. Once you finish your treatment, Dr. Rohini Singh will give you a retainer to keep your smile in alignment. It is important that you wear the retainer daily according to our dentist and team’s instructions. You should also bring your retainer to each appointment.

To keep your smile looking its best, you should wear your removable appliance at all times, especially while you sleep. The retainer can be removed while eating, swimming or playing sports. Initially, you may find the retainer difficult to speak with, but after a few days of use, your speech will feel completely normal and natural.

In order to keep your appliance at its best, it is important to clean the appliance daily. While brushing your teeth each day, you should clean your retainer with toothpaste. For a deeper cleaning, you can use denture cleaner to refresh your retainer. For patients wearing a bonded wire retainer behind the teeth, it is important that you clean the wire and area around it each day. It is also imperative that you floss each day while wearing the bonded retainer.

Our team at Clear Creek Family and Cosmetic Dentistry wants to remind you of the importance of properly storing your retainer. When you aren’t wearing your retainer, you need to keep it in its plastic case. This case is the safest place for the retainer since it prevents misplacement and breakage. You shouldn’t wrap your appliance in tissues or napkins because there is a higher chance of you or someone else throwing your retainer away. Placing the retainer in your pocket can lead to breakage of the appliance.

Pets love chewing on retainers, so it is important to keep the appliance away from your furry friends. It is also important to keep your appliance away from heat. Boiling the retainer, even to sterilize the appliance, can lead to breakage. If you want a deep cleaning, please bring the appliance to our team so we can disinfect it for you.

Retainers that are lost or broken will need to be replaced at cost to the patient. If you have any questions about your oral appliance, we recommend that you call our office at 254-200-1893. Our team can help you get a custom retainer in Killeen, Texas, at our office. We look forward to caring for your smile.