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Elastics are worn with traditional braces, putting pressure on the teeth and moving them in the right direction. Because these are worn at all times, it keeps a steady force on the teeth. However, if patients do not continuously wear their elastics, their overall treatment time will be extended. If you have questions about wearing elastics or about orthodontic treatment in Killeen, Texas, call 254-200-1893.

Clear Creek Family and Cosmetic Dentistry has provided the following tips for taking care of elastics:

  • It is up to the patient to change their elastics each day. The bands should be changed out each day since the rubber can quickly start to lose its effectiveness. Without adequate pressure, the teeth will not move properly into alignment.
  • While elastics can be removed for brushing and cleaning your teeth, they should be put back on as soon as possible.
  • If one breaks, replace it immediately. Patients can keep extra elastics with them in case any of their bands break.
  • If you run out of bands, let Clear Creek Family and Cosmetic Dentistry know. Dr. Rohini Singh can replace your supply and prevent any backsliding in your treatment.
  • Though some breakage is expected, let your dentist know if the rubber is breaking too often. This may mean she needs to adjust your braces or orthodontic appliance.