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Invisalign®: An Orthodontic Option With Discretion and Comfort

Discretely align your smile with the incomparable Invisalign system.

What’s the Difference Between Invisalign and Traditional Braces?

Invisalign is just as effective at straitening teeth as wire-and-bracket braces, but these aligners do so with more modern technology, keeping physical activity and social lifestyles in mind. Because they are made of a special clear plastic, Invisalign aligners are practically invisible if you don’t know they are there. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners can be removed easily by the patient, allowing you to brush and floss unimpeded by wires and brackets, as well as allowing you to eat and drink what you want without the dietary restrictions of traditional braces. The smooth plastic of Invisalign also lets you maintain comfort and safety in an active lifestyle, taking away the poking and irritation that traditional braces can cause to the gums and cheeks.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign is used to correct many different orthodontic concerns, such as gaps and crowding between the teeth. Depending on their unique case, not every patient will be a candidate for Invisalign, so a consultation will help determine if it is the right solution for you.

Our dentist, Dr. Rohini Singh, will use special X-rays and impressions of your teeth to create a computerized, 3D image of your teeth. With special modeling software, our team can simulate the exact configuration of your teeth, their ideal alignment and many positions in-between. Using these models, we can create a series of clear plastic aligners that gradually move your teeth toward their proper alignment, using a new pair of aligners every couple of weeks. These aligners, made specifically for you, are meant to be discreet, comfortable and removable, allowing you to eat, drink and enjoy full activity without restrictions.

How Long Does Invisalign Take?

Invisalign may take a longer or shorter amount of time depending on your unique case, but it usually takes about one year for adult cases. Teens using Invisalign can expect a similar treatment duration as traditional braces. In order to get the fastest results possible, it is recommended that patients wear their aligners between 20 and 22 hours every day. This gives your teeth the best chance at gradually shifting into their proper alignment. Upon completion of treatment, it is recommended that are patients use a retainer to maintain the beautiful smile they have created during their Invisalign treatment.

Can the Aligners Be Removed for Special Occasions and Sports?

Invisalign aligners are meant to be removed, so it completely acceptable to take them out for special events and contact sports that require mouth guards. For sports that don’t require mouth guards, Invisalign has an additional advantage over traditional braces in that it doesn’t cut or irritate the mouth in the event of accidental contact with the face or mouth.

If you are looking for Invisalign treatment in Killeen, Texas, or the surrounding areas, please give Clear Creek Family and Cosmetic Dentistry a call today at 254-200-1893 for more information and to schedule your Invisalign consultation.