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Have a better, more beautiful smile with the help of Dr. Rohini Singh. Schedule a dental bonding in Killeen, Texas, and our dentist can smooth over cracks, irregularities or other dental imperfections.

How Does It Work?

Our dentist will first prepare the tooth for bonding. This usually means creating slight scratches in the surface, so the bonding material can be applied to the surface of the tooth. This plastic resin is molded and shaped to create a tooth that looks even, natural and blends in with the rest of your smile. The resin will then be allowed to harden and set into the correct shape. This can then be trimmed by our dentist, smoothed and polished to look just like natural enamel.


Most bonding treatments can be completed in one appointment. Despite how easy the treatment is, it can make a big difference in your smile. Though the resin is made to last, it is not as durable as the enamel of a natural tooth. The bonding can crack, chip or stain and will need to be repaired. Usually the material will last three or five years before needing replacement.

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