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Once the teeth have been moved into place and the braces or other orthodontic treatment has been taken off, our dentist will provide the patient with a retainer. This appliance marks the start of the “retention phase” which keeps the teeth in place, even as the jawbone, gums and other oral structures shift and adapt.

When to Wear Your Retainer

Retainers should be worn as much as possible. Clear Creek Family and Cosmetic Dentistry only recommends taking out the appliance for eating, water sports or strenuous athletic activity.

Pain and Soreness

Retainers can cause some soreness in the teeth and gums. However, if a sore appears in the soft tissue, call 254-200-1893 and have Dr. Rohini Singh refit your appliance. It may also cause some alterations in speech for a few days, until your mouth gets used to speaking with the appliance.

Cleaning Your Retainer

Be sure to brush and clean your retainer with toothpaste each day. If any permanent appliance has been bonded to your teeth, also take the time to brush that area carefully. Clear Creek Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is also able to sterilize any retainers that are brought into our office.

How to Keep Your Retainer Safe

Though retainers can be taken out for eating and other activities, it is important to keep track of them when they are not being worn. Do not store the appliance in a napkin or keep it inside of your pocket and keep it away from pets. Any broken or lost retainers will require an additional fee to replace.

Treatment Time

Every patient is different and may need to wear their retainer for longer or shorter periods of time. If necessary, our dentist may recommend a permanent appliance.

Retainers need to be worn consistently to be effective. Contact our office if you have questions about wearing your retainer in Killeen, Texas.