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About Two-Phase Treatment

Also known as “early phase treatment,” this takes advantage of the period of growth that affects the jaw and alignment of the teeth. As the jaw grows in children and early adolescents, early orthodontic treatment can help the teeth and jaws move into the proper position. This can also help with the overall development of oral and other facial structures as the child grows.

Who Needs Two-Phase Treatment?

Two-phase treatment is not necessary for every child, but by six years, our dentist can start to identify problems. Serious orthodontic issues can include severe misalignment, excessive growth of the upper or lower jaw. Left alone, they can develop into more serious problems, that must be solved by oral surgery rather than traditional orthodontics. With early, two-phase treatment, children are less likely to need more expensive, invasive procedures.

The benefits of this early orthodontic treatment include:

  • Improved dental health and function
  • A beautiful smile
  • Proper growth of facial structures
  • Less likely to need oral procedures, such as jaw surgery
  • Less likely to need dental extraction
  • Improved breathing and airway passage

First Phase (Early Phase)

The initial part of two-phase treatment occurs during what is called the “mixed detention” phase. This is when adult teeth have begun to appear, but the child still retains some primary (baby) teeth. Treatment during this time takes anywhere from one year to 18 months. Dr. Rohini Singh will correct crowding, skeletal or functional problems. Depending on the patient, this may require a combination of oral appliances or braces.

Resting Period

After initial treatment is finished, our dentist will recommend waiting until the rest of the permanent, adult teeth appear. Check-ups will be scheduled with Clear Creek Family and Cosmetic Dentistry every few months until your child starts the second part of their two-phase orthodontic treatment in Killeen, Texas.

Second Phase

After first phase treatment, our dentist will wait until all the adult teeth appear. During this second part of treatment, our dentist will usually recommend both upper and lower braces. These will move the straighten and align the teeth, so your child can smile confidently!

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