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Crossbite happens when the lower teeth bite on the outside of the upper teeth. This can happen with one or more teeth and our dentist will recommend getting treatment as early as possible.

Crossbite should be corrected because it can:

  • Cause the enamel to wear down
  • Result in gum disease that can also cause loss of bone tissue
  • Lead to uneven jaw development
  • Lead to an uneven bite
  • Detract from the appearance of your smile

How can a crossbite be orthodontically corrected?

Using braces and orthodontic appliances, our dentist can move teeth into place. Whether one or multiple teeth need to be moved, seek care from Dr. Rohini Singh at 254-200-1893.

Open bite

An open bite happens when the upper and lower teeth don’t meet. It can occur when the jaws grow unevenly or if oral habits such as finger sucking or tongue thrusting. For successful treatment, call our office and see how we can help you.

How can an open bite be orthodontically corrected?

There are many ways to treat an open bite. Though many times braces can move the teeth into position, in some cases extrusion or jaw surgery might be necessary. If the cause of the open bite is finger sucking, it may also be necessary to break the habit.


Class II Overbite

This occurs when the top, front teeth hang over the bottom teeth. Often there is no direct contact between these teeth and cover the incisors of the lower jaw. This happens when the front teeth over-erupt or the bone of the upper arch over-develop.

Overbite should be corrected because it can:

  • Cause an improper bite
  • Cause damage to the gum tissue
  • Wear and tear on the bottom teeth
  • Damage the image of your smile

How can an overbite be orthodontically corrected?

Overbites can be addressed through orthodontic treatments, including braces and appliances. These allow the teeth to move and create space for realignment.


Class II Overjet

Also called protrusion, overjet happens when the bottom front teeth are nestled behind the upper front teeth. This can happen when molars push the teeth forward, if the top incisors sick out or if lower teeth have been lost. In addition, improper jaw growth, tongue thrusting and finger sucking can all contribute to overjet teeth.

Overjet should be corrected because it can:

  • Wear down the teeth
  • Interfere with the look of your smile
  • Prevent the teeth from functioning normally

How can overjet be orthodontically corrected?

To correct an overjet, Clear Creek Family and Cosmetic Dentistry can use orthodontic treatments, such as a functional appliance and elastics, or perform a tooth extraction.


Class III Underbite

An underbite happens when the lower teeth are thrust outward, in front of the upper front teeth. This often happens when there is too much growth in the lower jaw, too little growth in the upper jaw or misaligned and missing teeth. Early treatment is the best way to address this problem.

Underbite should be corrected because it can:

  • Detract from your smile’s appearance
  • Cause TMJ and jaw pain
  • Interfere with biting, chewing and eating
  • Wear down enamel

How can an underbite be orthodontically corrected?

Braces and other orthodontic appliances can be used to treat an underbite. Seek treatment for this and other orthodontic disorders in Killeen, Texas, by calling 254-200-1893.