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Impacted teeth

Impacted teeth occur when the tooth gets “stuck” in the bone and gum tissues. This often happens when the tooth is improperly positioned underneath the gumline. Not only can the impacted tooth fail to appear, it can also cause the neighboring teeth to shift and become overcrowded. Wisdom teeth are some of the most commonly removed teeth, because they tend to become impacted. However, other teeth can become impacted as well.

This problem should be corrected because it can:

  • Block parts of the sinus cavity
  • Leave gaps in the smile
  • Cause misalignment and bite issues
  • Lead to wear-and-tear on the enamel
  • Damage the roots of other teeth

How can impacted teeth be orthodontically corrected?

Our dentist can slowly expose the teeth over a series of months. Dr. Rohini Singh’s office may need to perform a small surgical procedure to expose the tooth. Once exposed, it can be moved into the proper position through orthodontic treatments.

Missing teeth

Teeth can fall out, be knocked out or be extracted by a dentist. When an adult tooth has been lost, it is important to seek treatment.

This problem should be corrected because it can:

  • Cause problems with dental function
  • Cause wear-and-tear on the remaining teeth
  • Lead to misalignment
  • Affect the appearance of your smile

How can missing teeth be orthodontically corrected?

Often braces and other orthodontic treatments at Clear Creek Family and Cosmetic Dentistry can close the gap left by missing teeth. Patients can also call 254-200-1893 and talk about our options for treating missing and impacted teeth in Killeen, Texas.