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Crowding of the Teeth

Crowding happens when there is not enough room for all of the teeth to fit properly. This can cause the teeth to twist around or misaligned. Crowding happens when the jaw is too small (or the teeth are too big) for proper placement. It can also occur when the teeth come in incorrectly, if the baby teeth are lost too early or if adult teeth are lost later on in life. If you have tooth crowding or spacing issues in Killeen, Texas, speak with Clear Creek Family and Cosmetic Dentistry today!

Crowding should be corrected because it can:

  • Make cleaning teeth difficult
  • Lead to cavities and tooth decay
  • Lead to plaque buildup and gum disease
  • Interfere with the bite, function and alignment of the teeth
  • Prevent you from having a beautiful, attractive smile

How can crowding be orthodontically corrected?

Treatments at Clear Creek Family and Cosmetic Dentistry can be used to create extra space in the mouth, expanding the dental arches or through tooth extraction. Once there is sufficient space, braces and other orthodontics can be used to move and align the teeth.

Spacing of the Teeth

Too much space between the teeth can also be fixed through orthodontics. Gapping can occur when the teeth are too small for the size provided by the jaw. Protracted teeth, missing teeth, impaction or abnormal tissue growth can also lead to spacing issues.

Spacing should be corrected because it can:

  • Gum and periodontal issues
  • Interfere with the function of the teeth
  • Prevent you from having an even, beautiful smile

How can spacing of the teeth be orthodontically corrected?

Orthodontic braces and appliances can be used to move teeth into correct alignment. Phone 254-200-1893 to learn more or to visit with our dentist, Dr. Rohini Singh.