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Most bites can be divided into three classes, including:

Class I:

This is where there is a balanced bite between the jaws and the upper and lower dental arch.

Class II:

This alignment is when the first molar of the lower jaw is behind the first molar of the upper jaw. This means the upper front teeth are pushed further out, causing the chin and lower lip to recede. This may be caused by an underdeveloped lower jaw or and overdeveloped upper jaw. Finger or thumb sucking can cause this misalignment and can be treated by Dr. Rohini Singh through growth redirection.

Class III:

This happens when the first molar of the lower jaw is in front of the first molar of the upper jaw. Because of this alignment, the lower jaw is pushed out causing the chin to protrude forward and cause a concave appearance. The cause is most often from an overdeveloped lower jaw or underdeveloped upper jaw. Both Class II and Class II can be caused by genetic inheritance. If you have questions about classification of teeth, call 254-200-1893 to meet with our dentist in Killeen, Texas. Dr. Rohini Singh and the team at Clear Creek Family and Cosmetic Dentistry will be glad to answer your questions!