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By Clear Creek Family Dentistry June 7, 2017

Dentistry is unique in that it combines aesthetic improvements with the necessary care to achieve optimal health. At Clear Creek Family Dentistry, Dr. Rohini Singh provides comprehensive care to create smiles that are not only healthy but help patients achieve their cosmetic smile goals.

We have created this guide to help you understand the benefits of multi-faced care and how it is achieved at our Killeen dental practice.

What does Multi-Faceted Dentistry Mean?
Dentistry combines art and science and is one of the few fields of medicine where patients’ appearances are regularly affected by standard care, such as treatment for cavities. At Clear Creek Family Dentistry, we define multi-faceted care by the ability to restore and reinforce patients’ health, while complimenting the natural appeal of their smiles. By protecting oral health and being mindful of aesthetic outcomes we ensure patients’ teeth and gums are strong and contribute to beautiful overall appearance.

Treatments to Suit Your Needs
Comprehensive dental care involves using materials that align with your aesthetic and healthcare goals, as well as incorporating the assistance of dental specialists whenever necessary. Whether for implant placement or the restoration of the bone and soft tissues through grafts, the cooperation of a specialist can help to create attractive, healthy teeth. The use of dental porcelain allows Dr. Singh to provide crowns, bridges, dentures, as well as a variety of other restorations, to restore full bite function, prevent decay, and create completely natural-looking restorations within the smile.

Discreet orthodontic care can even be included in a multi-faceted treatment plan. This aesthetically straightens patients’ teeth, while improving overall oral health by eliminating the wear that results from an imbalanced bite.

Begin Your Comprehensive Treatment Today!
Multi-faceted treatment not only helps patients achieve aesthetic results but ensures that they receive the care necessary for excellent health. To learn more about multi-faced dental treatment and to schedule your exam and consultation at our dental practice, contact Clear Creek Family Dentistry today.